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One more introduction ...

.... and then I promise I am done touting our goats for a while (well, at least until kidding season).
I believe we started with goats as many others have - adding animals to our first "collection". I call it collection instead of a herd since it usually consists of a mix of unrelated animals with different styles and backgrounds. I must say this was a very enjoyable and easy process, and we have slowly pieced perhaps 10 different bloodlines. With a couple of bucks to use, we mixed and matched and later bred buck A's daughters to buck B and vice versa arriving at a dead end with our breeding program and faced with a need known to many of you .


Last but not least from the three doelings we are adding to our show string is Cinn-a-berry. A full sister to Briar, Patches' dam, she is equally correct and feminine with an impressive lenght of body for such a young doe.
I am hoping to devote another page to Cinn-a-berry as the photos from her last session just don't do her justice, but wanted to introduce her with the rest of her herdmates, so please excuse the limited number of photos. She is tall, long, with good extension of brisket, strong legs and feet, VERY level topline (a signature to all the daughters we see out of Heritage Song Barbed Wire - owned by Riverside Ranch Nubians) with wide loin blending into shoulders.

Miss Patches

Patches is a daughter of Midsummer Night Briar Berry, also an addition to our herd
and TLC-Farm Limited Edition. So much to share about this little doeling I don't know where to start.
Patches' sire Limit was purchased specifically to pair with Briar Berry. Accprding to the linear appraisal scores it was the perfect mating ... in theory ... that blessedly proved an excellent choice in the result - a very correct single doe Briar Patch :)
In her short life (3 months old) Patches has already placed 1st in her class in both rings and earned her junior leg at the first show she attended.

Introducing ...

Today we want to introduce Serendipity, AI daughter of Riverside Ranch AF Sable 90 EVEE and Little Bic's Brigadoon.
Usually I am thrilled to introduce new additions to our herd yet this one is bittersweet. Our friends are moving and opening a new chapter in their lives in Colorado Springs AFB and closing the chapter of their Nubian herd. We are thankful for the opportunity to add such wonderful animals, yet our joy is laced with sadness of saying goodbye.
You may or may not have heard of Midsummer Nights herd, yet much has been accomplished by a lovely young lady with love for the breed and the discipline and woth ethics that it takes to bring a small 4H herd from foundation stock to placing at the National Show among some big names.


Rea was born as one of triplet doelings just like her dam was one of triplet doelings. Something must be in the water in Ohio that we don't have here since we only got a single doe from Imagine this year ;)
Her dam Imagine came to use as a 2 year old first freshener and I was so pleased with her size I decided to wait to breed Rea until she turned a year of age. I have not regretted that decision. While a slow grower as a deoling, she is a powerhouse as a yearling, easily as tall as her dam with similar body frame.

Remember when ?

You guys might remember little Cleopatra and Calamity, they were the first kids of the season in January 2012 and I posted quite extensively about both of them, including a cuteness contest. Well, here are some before and afters of their coat pattern, they are both pretty stunning and in a way a reverse image of each other :)
Here is Cleopatra....
... and her sister Calamity.
Cleopatra and Calamity about 2 months old still with their unshaved coats.
Fuzzy Cleopatra stretching out.

Introducing our junior herd sires

I would like to introduce our two junior herd sires. Both selected from strong consistent lines with special attention paid to structural quality of dams and their mammary systems. We are very excited about both of these boys and feel blessed to be able to use them.          
Hoanbu ATL Genesis is a son of Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis and Hoanbu Gold Lea Geminia. It took me three months to finally select a breeding to get a buck kid from and place a deposit .
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