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I am sitting here impatiently waiting for Imagine's babies to arrive - and I thought I'd share our kidding procedure, transitioning of young does on a milk stand and getting babies started on a bottle .... you know, the fun stuff :)
I had mentioned earlier our "kidding stalls". They are just a partition in the main barn with separate entrance. Our does are bred over a period of 4-6 months so their due dates span over the same time frame. My main focus during this time of year is to monitor herd dynamics patterns and make needed adjustments.

Talking about hay

I get so much joy just looking out the window at the winter stash of oat hay. We are so thankful to be able to have round bales this year of nice quality roughage, it has made life so much easier.
So while I am loading pictures of our boys, girls, and Rosie having some hay fun, I thought I'd chime in here about our winter feeding, especially to heavy bred does.
We don't feed alfalfa hay in winter. The girls get 17% alfalfa pellets or this year it is chaffhay, decision based mostly on logistics of finding, hauling and storing hay.
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