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Kidding season 2012

Catching up !

I know I have a lot of catching up to do :) For lack of time - considering I am so behind, I am presenting an overview of the rest of our kid crop this kidding season and then will go onto fun stuff like appraisal and show and new truck and finished milk room :)
Below are Pink Tulip's triplets - blond buckling is still available and listed on our For Sale page. Brown doeling was sold to a very sweet couple in OKC and black doeling is currently at foster home.  
Pink Tulip's buckling - Ceasar - very charming !

Textbook kidding

Saffron was the one of the three (due dates Feb 22, 23 and 24) to go second but she took her sweet time and walked around with an udder and barely any ligaments for two days. She finally decided it was time shortly after lunch and if there is such a thing, this was the textbook kidding. Contractions - check. Leaving the herd and seeking solitude in the barn - check. Correct presentation - check. Sack broke and fluid leaked leaving a gooey string - check. Lying down to push - check.

Double blessing

The second wave of kiddings was expected to start later on this week - Feb 22nd, 23rd and 24th. We had our surprises "delivered" early when both Celice and Lavender decided to go into labor at the same time. I noticed little FF udders that morning on Saffron and Lavender. Celice still looked precocious to me. Had a customer come over and get help disbudding her kid crop and we were catching up on things around the house occassionally checking in the barn.
Well, I literally walked in to a sack hanging out of Lavender and Celice leaking amniotic fluid.

Helloes and goodbyes

And so kidding season continues in its usual swings :) First is the kidding excitement - seeing the much awaited new arrivals, first freshener udders and maturing of older does. Quickly followed by stage two - a busy time when I run short on sleep, food and coherent speech - my front room lined with bins, each holding a litter of babies ... never ending stream of pails, bottles, milk and dishwashing. Finally, all this starts to settle down as we sort through the keepers and those who will be for sale .

Lovely finishing touch :)

That would be Velvet. She put a lovely finishing touch on the first round of kidding with 
blue roan twins - one of each, a buck and a doe :) Though still quite weary from the early morning kidding, this was a doe my sister got to watch deliver in broad daylight. First was the buck, correct presentation but an enormous head that took a while to pass but Velvet did a great job and we let her push at her own speed and comfort. Beautiful roan buckling with ears a mile long and splash on the side quickly followed by his beautiful blue roan sister.

Company, airport and babies !

My little sister who lives in Czech republic comes to stay with us every so often for a few months at a time and we always look forward to her visit. This time was even more exciting as she has not yet seen any of our babies or improvements over the past two years. Plus she planned her trip right in the middle of kidding season and we can use all the help we can get :)
Anyway, she barely stepped foot off the plane when I dragged her into the barn to help me with Truffle. This is the only doe that was induced this year - I am not a big fan of using drugs to induce but I had valid reasons to do so with Truffle and still consider it a good call.

Perhaps a buck year ???

Harvest decided she could totally trumph Fern with her surprise kidding and delivered her kids while I was briefly gone from the house. She was basking in the sun, with ligaments gone but not dialated when I left. Presented Sebastien with a bubble at morning milking and while the boys were busy dialing my number she delivered the first baby. Driving back as fast as speed limit would allow, I was informed that she had a baby boy and when I pulled into the driveway, she supposedly had twins, a buck and a doe and all I came home to was a placenta :) Things were a bit chaotic since only the boys were home and this was teir first "home alone" delivery but they did great - Sebastien checked for presentation and Remy (left with the doe while brother carried first baby home) knew enough to clean the nose first to help breathing and rub the kid dry with a towell.

Backtracking ...

I need to backtrack a bit since we have been so swamped with kiddings and new babies I had no time to blog ! End of February was hectic - my friend broke her foot and I have been trying to help with errands, dr. appt and goats - don't even remember the details of Feb 29th, other than I made a meal for dinner, headed over there to help disbud and tatoo kids after dinner, my car batery was dead and I had to reload everything into the truck. My friend was gracious enough to follow me home to jump my battery since the truck had "check engine" light coming on for a while now.


Friday morning started on a very exciting note - at morning barn check I found Millie in advanced stage of active labor with string of mucous hanging and strong contractions. She delivered a beautiful set of triplets by 11:30 - kid #1 came first but breach with rear legstucked under so I had to rearrange some, kid #2 was facing forward but face first so I had to find the front feet and arrange in proper presentation, kid #3 also head first with both legs backwards but flew out once repositioned.

First freshener parade - Velvet and Harvest

Continuing my first freshener parade with my favorite yearlings - Velvet and Harvest. We lost their dam to polio not long after they were born so they had become even more special to me since Autumn was very promising and we still miss her. Harvest is spitting image of her dam but Velvet has her coloring. They are both wide and while I have always considered Velvet the larger of the two and Harvest the refined one, I think they have just about evened out at 14 months old now.
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