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Update on home improvement

Our front room remodel and paneling are coming along. I got most of the priming done this week and the entire hallway wall is finished. I must say I LOVE the shade of aqua I picked. At the last minute I decided to just use it on the accent wall but part of me wishes I was brave to paint the front room. Oh well, it is pretty regardless and so pleasant to look at. A couple shots of the process ....
Built-in bookcases are going here ...
Board'n'batten paneling - kids claim right now it looks like a gingerbread house but shall be all painted solid color to blend in .

Home renovation

I owe an extra post for Friday which I spent in the ER only to be told that I am quite well which I was happy to hear :) I know this is not exactly farm related but I want to post for other farm folks who know just how much our personal space takes a back seat in favor of improvements elsewhere. Dreamy images of farm life usually do not portray the reality of  long hours, hard work, limited budget and .... last but not least ... DIRT. I won't even attempt to count how many times we go in and out of the house in a single day, leave along high traffic days during kidding season, etc.
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