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Getting away ...

"So, when do you get to take vacation?" is a question we hear quite often from milk customers and farm visitors ... frankly, we don't. It's a bit ironic as both hubby and I come from backgrounds that involved a lot of traveling and living overseas, we both enjoy different cultures and we are both well travelled.
Our children have been in Europe on more than one occassion and we covered quite a bit of ground in our travels and sightseeing of the United States. During those days where we spent a lot of time seeing other places, the dream was to once have a farm.

Someone is missed

This is my little sister but a HUGE helper and I can't thank her enough for bringing me sane through this kidding season, home remodeling and numerous incidents. We feel very blessed for two marvelous months that we got to share our home and lives with this young lady and she is dearly missed. We love you ! Hugs !!!
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