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Breeding season 2012


I am just in love with this doe. With so many beautiful Nubians out there I was not quite sure what style of a doe I would like to breed until this girl stepped off the trailer. Her pedigree speaks for itself, her show record and LA do also. She scored 90 VEEE as a 3 year old 2nd freshener, barely 1 month fresh at the time of appraisal. She is one leg shy of her championship, taking a Grand Champion, Best of Breed and Best in Show titles at the Heart of Oklahoma show in Purcell, her only show this year.

Almost breeding season .....

While my title reads "almost" breeding season, we actually already have 5 does bred as I type this. Not yet confirmed via blood test but I do believe we will have December babies yet again this winter which also means December milk and continuing production and supply for our customers.
We are excited about using our new herd sires this year.
Midnite is a proven breeder and we have kids from him on the ground from last year and very pleased with them. We were hoping to bring in longer ears and length of bone to our lines and this buck did just that.
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