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Around the farm

County Fair

Just a quick hello this morning as we are getting ready for our fall county fair. Will report when we get back !

Hay is in

So blessed with a stash of beautiful oat hay for winter, the girls will be very happy. We feed 17% alfalfa pellets to bred and lactating does but I like to have roughage available for them free choice especially during cold winter months. We have 10 bred for December/January and I am glad to know they will be warm and have full tummies to grow those babies out.
Hay inspectors :)
View from the top.
Ready to unload ...
Remy not yet taller than the tractor wheel :)
Lots of excitement about John Deere tractor !

New Milk Room

I am back to blogging. March and April have been a madness but things seem to be winding down some. So much has happened but I guess my most exciting addition (apart from our beautiful kid crop and lovely FF udders) is the new milk room. Still in the works but coming together and we have already put the space to use.
Here is the roof going up.
Remy working side by side with Daddy :)
The part further away will be the milk room and the one closer a future kid pen. 

Spring is in the air ...

Spring is right around the corner on the calender but I do believe it has arrived
and made itself at home here at Old Paths. We rejoice in the passing of the winter and enjoying the gorgeous warm weather - I know it is a reason to worry about what summer will look like since we have 80's in late March but for now I just choose to dive head first into the glory of these days and worry later.
So today just a few snapshots of what spring is like here at our farm .... while it is the busiest time of the year with workload not doubled but tripled for all of us, there are so many moments to treasure - I try to find them, isolate them, caress them and hold onto them, draw strenght from them and use them to soothe my tired body :)

It's here ! It's here !!

Spring has officially arrived at Old Pats Homestead :) 
First daffodils opened up today and I just had to take a picture. Bulbs are about the extent of my gardening skills but they are flowers none the less and definitely cheered up my day !

What a blessing

I will say honestly I was not as prepared for winter as I should have been. But it looks as if we may be able to surf on God's grace of a milk Oklahoma winter into spring :) I felt for sure if we had such glorious January that February would make us feel it - and, of course, I have 5 does due in February - yet, we keep enjoying this wonderful weather with temperatures in the high 50's or higher and often so sunny, we take our jackets off and I am lured into lazy afternoons outside sitting around  watching pregnant bellies and dreaming of babies.

Hoop house - alternative shelter idea

Since my passions are often driven by my excitement first and rational introduced later in the game, I found myself with more goats one year than I had adequate space for. Growing our herd is one of the most enjoyable aspects of goat keeping, yet, it does require planning and constant revisiting of our goals and set up. I hope to dig up photos of what we started with and where we are today with our barn and goat areas ... including the improvements we have made, but today I want to share a hoophouse structure as a quick and inexpensive idea to provide temporary or permanent housing for your critters.


Farm would just not be a farm without the barn cats. I have to say ours do excellent job in keeping rodens down to almost non-existent. When we moved here, the mice had the run of this place as it sat empty for a while. Last tiny critter I remember seeing was a mole consumed for breakfast by the kitten litter ... other than that I really don't see any, neither do I see the evidence of them in our yard. We are very thankful for our cats ... and, of course, being on the cute side does not hurt at all ;)

So while the milk stand sits unused ....

 ..... chickens felt it would be a good spot for a tea party. I need to take my camera out more, always something going on :)
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