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Double blessing

The second wave of kiddings was expected to start later on this week - Feb 22nd, 23rd and 24th. We had our surprises "delivered" early when both Celice and Lavender decided to go into labor at the same time. I noticed little FF udders that morning on Saffron and Lavender. Celice still looked precocious to me. Had a customer come over and get help disbudding her kid crop and we were catching up on things around the house occassionally checking in the barn.
Well, I literally walked in to a sack hanging out of Lavender and Celice leaking amniotic fluid. Lavender had been pushing at this time for a while a malpresented kid that was head first with both feet back. With a fully dialated cervix, this was no problem to fix and bring those feet forward and out came the buckling, quickly followed by the correctly presented doe.
Celice gave us enough time before she blessed us with a set of twins, also buck and a doe. No issues with her delivery, thankfully tiny doeling arrived before the giant buckling. We had mostly uniformly sized litters this year but , wow, what a difference between these two ! 
We praise the Lord for twins in the FF's, so much easier to deliver and kids have a buddy to snuggle with the first few nights while they occupy their bin.
Eventful day, did not get into bed until after 1am, towells to wash, colostrum to feed, cords to tie and dip, the new girls to clean up and milk ... I was wiped out but grateful we had normal daytime deliveries instead of the late night fashion we had for the past month, and for the healthy babies and mamas. Checked on Saffron every 2 hours at night since her ligs were gone already and I was up once with the hungry kids. But all is well and I enjoyed some rest the following morning while the boys helped clean and milk.   

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