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Lovely finishing touch :)

That would be Velvet. She put a lovely finishing touch on the first round of kidding with 
blue roan twins - one of each, a buck and a doe :) Though still quite weary from the early morning kidding, this was a doe my sister got to watch deliver in broad daylight. First was the buck, correct presentation but an enormous head that took a while to pass but Velvet did a great job and we let her push at her own speed and comfort. Beautiful roan buckling with ears a mile long and splash on the side quickly followed by his beautiful blue roan sister. We feel very blessed. Uneventful kidding on a sunny day ... it does not get much better. Here is Velvet with her sides sunken ready to deliver her babies ... and still managing to look as beautiful as ever.  
Here are the twins - doeling and buckling (in that order) 
Babies got dried up, got their colostrum, umbilical cords tied and dipped in iodine, Vit E capsule and a shot of BoSe.
One thing that puzzles me - so much to learn about goat genetics - is that these were littermate sisters (Velvet and Harvest) bred on the very same day to the same sire and they threw two very different sized litters. Harvest's kids were twins but small (thought evenly sized) and Velvet's twins were huge, they were as large as the week old kids here. True, Velvet went over a bit while Harvest went early but still. Velvet looked larger throught the pregnancy so I am assuming they were just larger babies to begin with. We are happy with both sets of cuties. Retaining the doeling for now. The buckling was deposited and is already at his new home getting very spoiled.  
 A lovely capacious udder on Velvet - much like her sisters just more capacity and it is very globular. I am in love :) Pictures taken at 2 days fresh - it is even better now. I plan to get some really good clipped ones at appraisal and our May show in Purcell.

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Debra Miller on Sunday, March 11, 2012 5:46 PM
So glad you are having a great kidding season! We in west Texas have been blessed. Even though last year we had fires and lack of forage, the does have done so well this year. I love looking at the pics of your herd. Keep them coming!
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Jana on Sunday, March 11, 2012 7:01 PM
Deb, thank you ! Yes, we also feel quite blessed with healthy babies as I expected some nightmares after the horrific summer, stressed vegetation and lack of quality roughage. God is good :)
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nirma on Friday, May 11, 2018 8:57 AM
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essay writing service reviews best service on Saturday, September 01, 2018 3:24 AM
Beautiful pictures from your farms and hope you would enjoy the whole day while taking care of your animals. I’m also having the small farm where I have the goats and these are really beautiful. I really like to share snaps of them someday with you.
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