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Company, airport and babies !

My little sister who lives in Czech republic comes to stay with us every so often for a few months at a time and we always look forward to her visit. This time was even more exciting as she has not yet seen any of our babies or improvements over the past two years. Plus she planned her trip right in the middle of kidding season and we can use all the help we can get :)
Anyway, she barely stepped foot off the plane when I dragged her into the barn to help me with Truffle. This is the only doe that was induced this year - I am not a big fan of using drugs to induce but I had valid reasons to do so with Truffle and still consider it a good call. I don't mind letting my does go over their due date if the pregnancy is normal, the doe is behaving normally and things are progressing even if slowly. Patience has been my best tool in kidding does and I try to use it wisely. Truffle was small throughout the gestation and I expected to kid out a single kid, and have considered the possibility of a dead kid en utero as well. Just something about the entire pregnancy did not feel right, the way she lost ligaments almost 2 months prior to due date, not completely but down to the last muscle, the way she would act and the labor onset that seemed so sluggish.
Anyway, a friend, who was kind enough to pick Dada at the airport dropped her over here, we had a short visit and while she was getting ready for bed, I was preparing for a night shift checking on Truffle. I tucked sister on the couch and went to check one last time before retiring to bed (until the next alarm) - somehow I felt she was not going to wait until morning and figured it would be easier to just stay up and deliver early morning kids than to get sleepy and struggle to get up later. So, we put kidding clothes back on grabbing a couple of blankets, flashlights and a bite to eat .... expecting a few hours lounging in the barn in my camping chairs until Truffle decides to go. Well, we came into the barn to a bubble already presented  (good I did not go to bed !) and a breech baby with hocks first. I think I remember seeing and feeling the cord and placenta but don't take my word for it, it was 3:30 in the morning and I was tired and sleepy. No time to eat or cozy up in blankets, I hand the first kid to Dada to dry (mind you, she has never done this before and is gently stroking the baby with a towell:), second kid is already half out - I get it wrapped in a towell and catch the third one flying. I checked on Dada and her drying job, then we look for the second kid that I put aside somewhere but can't find him since the flash light fell into the straw pile ....  finally we find all the three (yes, she indeed had triplets, another proof that you just can't tell by the size of their tummies). and head inside. Triplet bucklings, all adorable.
One is red with a nice blaze and frosted ears, splash on the side.
Second is a two colored boy - roan in the front and light brown in the back with partial belt, a blaze and frosted ears.
Last by not least a black and white flashy buck kid :)
I went back to stay with Truffle and make sure she passed her placenta. Velvet made sure to let me know when I was leaving the barn to finally retire that she was not going to wait long and she indeed kidded the very same day, just hours later.
Well, if that was not a good introduction to kidding season for a farm newcomer, I don't know what is :) I think my sister is glad we have 2 weeks to take all this in before the next batch of girls go at the end of the month.

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