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Baby Photo Contest - Day 3

This is the final day of photo entries but you can continue to vote until the end of November. The contest rules are very flexible, you may vote for one or several photos, you may choose one or more favorites from each day of entries, or if you can't decide at all, at least leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you :)
To vote, comment below the blog entries.
Don't forget, we will draw three names from all of you who cast your votes/comments for a chance to win some of our goat milk products (soap/lotion) made on our farm.

Baby Photo Contest - Day 2

Please vote for cutest baby picture :) Contest will run until end of November, photos with most votes will be selected for finals. I am also giving away a soap package to three lucky winners - names will be drawn on Dec 1.
You don't need any experience or have goats to participate in voting, please join the fun and send us your votes :)

Baby Photo Contest - Day 1

Please vote for cutest baby picture :) Contest will run until end of November, photos with most votes will be selected for finals. I am also giving away a soap package to three lucky winners - names will be drawn on Dec 1.
# 1

Anyone up for a photo contest ?

With 3 weeks left until kidding season at Old Paths Homestead, I am doing my 3 weeks of cuteness on my FB page, featuring some of my favorite kid pictures each day of the countdown. You can check out my page here:
Since I want to also feature some first fresheners here, I decided to combine photos into 3 days of Cute Baby Contest - starting tomorrow. Please vote for your favorite photo and we will announce winners and send some goat milk soap to three lucky winners (names will be drawn).

Three weeks until kidding season

It seems to be kidding season can never come soon enough. I am always so giddy for the new babies, new udders, meeting new customers and filling deposit orders. I am usually quite ready for kidding season to be over but always eager for it to begin.
Kidding preparations are underway - I am making a list of quick meals and stocking the freezer and pantr, making a stash of towels and old shirts, taking inventory of bottles, nipples, checking that flashlights are in working order, might get a few pairs of thermals.

Slice of my Life

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.

Getting away ...

"So, when do you get to take vacation?" is a question we hear quite often from milk customers and farm visitors ... frankly, we don't. It's a bit ironic as both hubby and I come from backgrounds that involved a lot of traveling and living overseas, we both enjoy different cultures and we are both well travelled.
Our children have been in Europe on more than one occassion and we covered quite a bit of ground in our travels and sightseeing of the United States. During those days where we spent a lot of time seeing other places, the dream was to once have a farm.

Talking about hay

I get so much joy just looking out the window at the winter stash of oat hay. We are so thankful to be able to have round bales this year of nice quality roughage, it has made life so much easier.
So while I am loading pictures of our boys, girls, and Rosie having some hay fun, I thought I'd chime in here about our winter feeding, especially to heavy bred does.
We don't feed alfalfa hay in winter. The girls get 17% alfalfa pellets or this year it is chaffhay, decision based mostly on logistics of finding, hauling and storing hay.

Playing catch up

We have had a super busy and at times intense past two weeks and I am glad to finally slow down some, catch a breath and enjoy fall on our little farm.
Both County and State fair sucessfully behind us .... I will say as much as we always look forward to them, I am also relieved when our show season is over. It was short and sweet this year - just the two and plenty to keep us busy.
County went well, we had both our old timers and some new faces there. I took over the super intendant job from my friend, and had she not been moving to Colorado, I would happily hand it back to her :) In all seriousness, county is work in progress since our little dairy goat show is only 2 years old and we are still tweaking quite a bit.

County Fair

Just a quick hello this morning as we are getting ready for our fall county fair. Will report when we get back !
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