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Tinkerbell and Silvermist
Double trouble
Harvest does it again
Zia's babies


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Tinkerbell and Silvermist

I believe I owe you all some photos :) Here are Arial's twins - Tinkerbell and Silvermist .
Tinkerbell - only a couple of hours old and just too cute ! The girls were tiny, about 3lbs each.
Silvermist - darker than her silver sister but just as cute.
Two peas in a pod :)
Gotta eat sissy's ear - tasty !
Growing fast !!
Silvermist - the larger of the two.
Tinkerbell - she thinks she's big stuff :)

Double trouble

I hope I have not used this title previously because it is so fitting for my next post. While I have been very faithful with updates and pictures on our Facebook page, I have been rather lazy when it comes to the blog. You can visit us on FB at
Now back to my post :) As you all know, Imagine AI to Wingwood Farms Finding Atlantis was a HUGE event for our herd and the litter was anxiously anticipated and doe closely monitored. She lost her ligaments right around her due date and spent most of the day in early labor stages, walking around and eating, yet increasingly more and more dilated.

Harvest does it again

So it serves me right to be putting off blog posts until the very last minute .... more like very overdue actually .... I am trying to scramble the details of Harvest's kidding. Ha !
It appears we can't remember (with 16 kids on the ground so far this year, it really does all melt together, believe me) ,so I assume it was an uneventful delivery. Last year she blessed us with very stylish twin bucks from Midnite and we repeated the breeding hoping to get a doe this time .... yet, twin bucks again !


I am sitting here impatiently waiting for Imagine's babies to arrive - and I thought I'd share our kidding procedure, transitioning of young does on a milk stand and getting babies started on a bottle .... you know, the fun stuff :)
I had mentioned earlier our "kidding stalls". They are just a partition in the main barn with separate entrance. Our does are bred over a period of 4-6 months so their due dates span over the same time frame. My main focus during this time of year is to monitor herd dynamics patterns and make needed adjustments.

Zia's babies

I am almost month behind on kidding updates. We have 9 babies on the ground and while I am fairly good about posting on our FB page, I have seriously neglected the blog !
Pinky and Tulip decided to deliver on the same day, Pinky going early and Zia just on time. It was a little crowded in the kidding stall but we managed :) Thankfully both girls waited until broad daylight to have them. "After my morning coffee" has been my kidding season mantra. I can deal with most things - after my morning coffee.

Pinky babies photo session

Here is a baby picture fix since I mostly talked but had few pictures in the actual kidding post :)
Pinky x Midnite buckling
buckling again
He is not quite as silver as his sisters, more a blue roan
Pinky doeling, she is the smaller of the two ....
... but definitely louder
.. kept us up all night ....
Don't get fooled by the sweet little face, ha !
Pinky's other doeling
larger and lighter than her sister
yet just as cute !
Here is the gang ... doelings in the front and buckling in the back

More blessings ....

December kiddings always seem like such a good idea in mid July when the breedings occur. I love winter babies, they grow well, the does have plenty of browse available up to the very last month of their gestation, milk is highly sought after during winter months when most folks dry up their does .... so many reasons for early winter babies. The downside is, of course, the cold. 
We got extremely blessed with Biscuit due on a spring like day with 70 degree temperatures. My next cluster of does were Zia, Rea and Pink Tulip, pretty much in that order.


I promised to post the prize for contest winners so here is our soap 3 pack. Scents may vary. I am still waiting for an address from two ladies, so Valerie and Laura, please message me :)

..... and the winners are (baby photo contest)

I apologize for keeping everyone waiting with the Baby Contest results and winner announcements. For your patience, we have added a fourth winner for consolation prize :) Thank you all who participated, we had much fun putting this together and even more fun reading all your kind comments.
Now drum roll please .......
By the votes casted the cutest baby photo is No. 15 with Remy and baby Truffle.
We were going to draw names from all the entries that cast a vote and here they are. Each of my three children picked one name, so please bring any complaints and recount issues up to them :)

They are here, they are here !!!

We got a wonderful surprise on Friday with Biscuit's babies arriving early. Beautiful December morning with April weather ..... started with our regular routine, milking, feeding, chores and then does went out for their daily browsing. They somehow got from the north pasture into the south pasture and I decided to round them back into the barn. I thought at first it was perhaps just my wishful thinking and imagination ... yet, I was super hopeful ... seeing straw stuck on Biscuit's rear end as she walked towards the barn.
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