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Sire:   Kastdemur Free and Easy 91 EEE   
Dam: Hoanbu Status Diamond Trinket 89 EVEV

We feel extremely blessed to have this doe in our herd. She came from Holly Buroker of Hoanbu Dairy Goats, a herd we have long admired. Imagine is long, level, with tremendous width, strength and body capacity. She has earned her junior leg at Ohio State Fair (over 37 does) and placed within the top 10 at 2009 Nationals. She added a milking leg at District Specialty in Purcell , OK,  taking Grand Champion and Best in Show. We love everything about this doe, her conformation, udder, looks and personality, and wanted to officially thank Holly for letting us purchase her. Imagine's daughter Easy (Prairie Nights Easy to Spot) is also working in our herd. Imagine scored an impressive 90 VEEE as a 3yo 2nd freshener. We could not be happier. 
Imagine will be bred to Henry for  2018 kids.
1 doe reserved. 1 buck reserved.
Sire: SG +*B Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus
Dam: GCH Hoanbu Status Giavonna Giabella 5*M 

Ella is another Ohio girl in our herd and I am very glad I did not pass her up. Sold before she even kidded, she
freshened with a beautiful mammary. Ella is a large framed doe, tall, long,  with a wide loin and wide level rump
- especially for a two year old. She held a long lactation of 10 months - for a FF that is some will to milk !
reference only
Sire: Little Bic's Brigadoon
Dam: SGCH Riverside Ranch AF Sable 90 EVEE


Serendipity was a well planned AI baby. Her dam Sable readily finished her championship, received her superior genetics award and scored 90 at an appraisal all in the same year. Looking for just the right match for her, Brigadoon was the pick and what a good choice. Serendipity carries her dam's wide frame yet is more smoothly blended, with beautiful breed character and strong in linear traits.
Serendipity is bred to London for December 2017.  
1 doe reserved.
Sire: Dream Girls ES Dakota
Dam: A2Z Autumn Fairy

Harvest is a nicely balanced doe. Pretty package of her dam's Autumn's head, body capacity and sire's flashy coloring. She just continues to impress me and I don't see us parting with this young doe anytime soon. She freshened with incredible mammary - well attached with wide rear udder arch, great medial and teat placement. We are even more impressed with her udder now.
Harvest will be bred to Henry.
1 doe reserved.
Sire: Lakeshore Farms Bold Equinox 90 EEV
Dam: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua 90 EEEV

01/22/2011                   G6S Normal


I can't stress enough how impressed I am with the Kahlua line in Mrs. Stewart's herd. We feel very blessed to hav
Calypso, she is starting to resemble her older sister Pippi, who we greatly admire. This line is backed up by beautiful mammary systems that are not only well attached and structurally correct but also productive. We believe  Equinox will prove a great choice to blend with Kahlua's genetics.
Calypso is be bred to Ferrari for January 2018.
Doe reservations are full. Buck reservations available.


Sire: Heritage Song Barbed Wire
Dam: Buttercup Acres Summer Berry
Briar's progeny

Briar is our addition from Midsummer Night herd - a doe we have known and watched grow since she was a
newborn. Beautifully balanced and blended doe with a lot of potential and excellent mammary. Easily earning her junior leg and placing within top 20 in her class at 2013 Nationals as a yearling milker. Briar received her Superior Genetics designation and is now 14* milker. We are impressed - way to go, Briar ! Briar's daughters Buttercup, Daphne, and Barberry, as well as son London also reside in our herd. She finished her championship and scored respectable 90 VEEE in May 2015. She has since gone to win several BOB and BIS placings in champion challenge.
Briar will be bred to Henry.
Doe reservations are full. Buck reservations available.
Sire: Dorsey Lane Tazer
Dam: Akin Hills Button


We are very happy to add this  red head from Button and Tazer. Long, long, long - plenty of length of everything on her - legs, loin, ears. She is feminine and refined with catchy copper red coloring and full white belt.

Duchess will be bred to Henry for March 2018.
1 doe reserved.
Sire: Lakeshore PS Perfect Aim
Dam: Buttercup Acres Cessna Class


Maddie joined our herd after a series of events and we are very thankful for those blessed circumstances :) What a gorgeous young doe - we are on pins and needles to see her grow and freshen , though she will likely stay a dry yearling for 2015. She only attended one show in 2014 and went first in her class and  Grand Champion.

Maddie will be bred to Goliath for January 2018.
Reservations available.
Sire: Saada Quilted Tortuga  88VEV
Dam : Buttercup Acres Karmal's Godiva 4*M
01/20/2012           G6S Normal
Raven's progeny

Raven is a continuation of our love affair with Saada Quilted Tortuga. I just can't help but have one of his daughters in my herd :) At 11 months this young doe was almost 140lbs, tall and long, with wonderful breed character. Raven is only getting more beautiful as she matures and has sweet disposition to go with her good looks.
Raven will be bred to Moon Shadow .  

Sire: Goldthwaite Intrepid
Dam : Heritage Song Morning Glory


I have known this doe since she was born in a winter storm and later much spoilt by a 4H girl, who took her as far as Nationals within 2 years. She is rather special with plenty to offer including stature, style and fabulous milk production easily earning her milk star as a yearling first freshener. When the opportunity arose, we were happy to purchase Amara back and happy that she is in Oklahoma again.  
Amaranth is bred to Prairie Nights Moon Shadow.
Reservations available.
Prairie Nights Easy to Spot

Sire: Narrow Chance Copper Breeze 
Dam: Hoanbu KFE Easy to Imagine 90 VEEE
d.o.b. 04/11/2012

We were quite surprised when Imagine presented us with only a single doeling but so thankful we have a doe kid out of her and Copper. Easy is a productive doe that consistently throws large litters and milk supply to match.

Easy is bred to London for December 2017.
Reservations available.  

Sire:  Victory Meadows Midnite Blue
Dam: Saada Laus Audeo

Can you tell we really like our Midnite kids ??? He shows such consistency in his kid crop with excellent general appearance, we could not be more pleased. Astra's name means "To the Stars" - the combination of Audeo's mammary and Midnite's conformation in a proven Saada to Goldthwaite bloodlines breeding just might do that.

Astra is bred to Goliath for December 2017.
1 doe reserved.  

Sire:  Victory Meadows Midnite Blue
Dam: Saada Laus Audeo
d.o.b. 01/01/2014
Tovah's Page

Tovah is known around here by her barn name "Two Spots", She was one of triplet does and has stood out for me since birth. She is extremely stylish with beautiful breed character. She has grown at an impressive growth rate weighing as much as yearling does by 8 months and easily towering over them. Her older sister Astra also resides in our herd.
Tovah will be bred to Goliath.
1 doe reserved.   

Sire: TLC-Farms Limited Edition
Dam: Riverside Ranch AF Robinette

d.o.b. 04/10/2013

Molly goes back to a proven doe line from Riverside Ranch with Lakeshore Farms Allied Force in the background. Sired by TLC-Farms Limited Edition (son of TLC-Farms Zeralda James and Alize Take it to the Limit), she is a half sister to several does in our herd -  Buttercup and Daphne as well as half sister to our herd sire - Cloven Cure Henry.  

Molly is bred to Prairie Nights Moon Shadow.
Reservations available.
Sire: TLC-Farms Limited Edition
Dam: Midsummer Nights Briar Berry  

d.o.b. 06/30/2013

My sweetie Buttercup ! This stylish doeling was a product of a repeat breeding that in 2012 produced Midsummer Nights Briar Patch - extremely correct kid on every level, easily earning her leg at very young age. In 2013 we were blessed with not one, but two does from Briar and Limit and we could not be happier. We feel very blessed and humbled to have this doe in our herd.

Buttercup will be bred to Goliath for January 2018.
Reservations available.

Sire: Buttercup Acres 'Catch a Wave'
Dam: Midsummer Nights Briar Berry
d.o.b  04/10/2014

Barberry is a result of line breeding on the Buttercup Acres genetics and can we just say we are very happy. She has big shoes to fill but proving to do well in the ring - taking 1st place in her class in several rings this year.

Barberry will be bred to Prairie Nights Moon Shadow.
Reservations available.
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